Skype WiFi On iOS, Amazon’s Government Cloud, Samsung Tablet Ban Scaled Back, Best Buy’s HP TouchPad Pile, HTC Suing Apple Again

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Skype WiFi Hits iDevices. Skype WiFi (formerly known as Skype Access) is now on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, letting you gain access to the interwebs from “over 1 million WiFi hotspots around the world.” It’s not free, since you have to pay for the minutes you actually use via the usual Skype Credits system in your Skype account, but since it’s available in “airports, convention centers, and bars” you may find yourself using it in preference to the often exhorbitant alternatives. –KE


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Today’s Google Doodle celebrates the 410th birthday of mathematician genius Pierre de Fermat, and contains his famous “last theorem.”

Amazon’s Cloud For Governments: GovCloud. In an effort to boost government services, Amazon Web Services has a new GovCloud system on offer, which NASA’s already using. It’s strictly contained to U.S. soil, and complies with all the federal requirements about security, and it lets some agencies who wanted to use cloud services previously but couldn’t, do so now. –KE

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Apple’s Europe-Wide Samsung Ban Scaled Back. A German court has reduced the scope of the injunction agains the Galaxy 10.1 tablet to merely German territory, rather than the broad EU ban that was originally in place, on IP infringement grounds. The court agrees that under the terms of its lawsuit Apple has a right to request an import and sales ban of Samsung’s tablet, but the court cannot apply the ruling outside the nation. –KE 


Best Buy Has Enormous Stockpile Of HP Tablets. Big box retailer Best Buy has around 250,000 HP TouchPads sitting in its warehouses, after selling a mere 25,000 since the device’s launch–and despite the recent permanent $100 price cut. It’s actually begging for HP to take the devices back because they’re merely eating up storage space. –KE

HTC Sues Apple, Again. Apple and HTC have been battling over IP since March 2010, and as of now there are an extra three patents on the table that HTC alleges Apple has infringed–bringing the total of patents in play to over 30. The three new HTC patents are very hardware specific, whereas Apple is fighting HTC on very broad ground over the similarity of its Android handsets to Apple’s ones. –KE

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