U.K. Spies To Hack Rioter’s BlackBerry Messages, Microsoft Talks Windows 8, President Obama Joins Foursquare

U.K. Spy Agencies To Hack Rioter’s BBM. RIM’s BlackBerrys are pitched as having iron-clad security, which has even caused trouble in certain nations. And since many of the U.K.’s riots were reportedly organized using RIM’s Messenger system, MI5 and GCHQ (the successor to the famous wartime Station X code-breakers) will now be applying their super-computing decryption powers to assist in stopping the riots and convicting criminals. Snooping on the general population is morally thorny, and RIM’s high-security reputation may take another hit. –KE

Microsoft Talks About Windows 8. Microsoft’s new engineering team blog offers an early hint that “Windows 8 reimagines Windows.” While we can expect across-the-board compatibility with Windows 7, expect new details rolling out this week to reveal a product that’s vastly different from Windows 7. –KE

Obama Joins Foursquare. It’s the latest way for you to engage with the administration, says the White House’s official blog. But since there’s really no reason a President needs to become mayor of anything, it’s more likely a PR maneuver, in which the White House posts information about where Obama’s been around the U.S. It could amount to a big stimulus for Foursquare, though. –KE

–Updated 6:00 a.m. EST

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