• 08.12.11

Riot Rebuild: The U.K’s Post-Riot Urban Intervention

In the aftermath of the riots, a couple of noble London architects are injecting some guerrilla design into the cleanup process, and helping those who can’t rebuild.

The U.K. riots of the past week have done incalculable damage to businesses and homes. After the cleanup come the longer-term task of rebuilding–and many of the people who have been hit the hardest (i.e. small business owners) can’t afford the high costs involved.


Instead of allowing storefronts and homeowners to suffer, architecture school graduates Lee Wilshire and Nick Varey decided to launch Riot Rebuild, a so-called “post-riot urban intervention” (the website likens it to guerrilla gardening) that is harnessing the power of volunteer construction workers, architects, interior designers, and other qualified builders to help those in need.

The initiative was launched on Wednesday morning, and the response from people who want to volunteer has been overwhelming. “I just checked my email right now and I had 500 emails,” says Wilshire. “There’s a hell of a lot more on Facebook and Twitter. It’s hard to keep pace with it, to be honest.”

Wilshire and Varey–both of whom also have full-time jobs–have also set up a rebuild fund to help offset the costs associated with repairing damaged buildings. “We’ll evolve over time into whatever is needed,” says Wilshire.

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[Images: Top, Flickr user Beacon Radio; Bottom, Riot Rebuild]

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