Redefining Search, One Locale At A Time

While the rest of the industry works to leverage location in order to create content, Fwix finds content that already exists on the web and tags it with location. Founder Darian Shirazi foresees massive opportunity in exploiting this index of geo-tagged websites, which Fwix offers free to developers.

Both Comcast and BlueRun Ventures have backed Fwix, which has plans to monetize through an advertising network that they feel can deliver geo-targeted ads and daily deals more effectively than anyone else. I’d put Fwix on your radar now: They have ambitious plans and are running at full speed.

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Howard Lindzon is the cofounder and CEO of StockTwits–a social network for traders and investors to share real-time ideas and information. StockTwits was recently named one of the 10 Most Innovative Web Companies in 2011 by Fast Company and one of the 50 Best Websites by Time magazine.