Fixing Unemployment

Read my lips: Apple! Apple! Apple!

“Read my lips! Apple, Apple, Apple!”


You can’t create more jobs for an economy where the vast majority of
people are hesitant and even afraid to spend and buy. America appears to
be finally learning that buying now and paying later was not a long
term formula for anything other than creating our current dire economic

In the current financial pogrom of the middle class, there seems to
be one special island left standing in a shopping center near you. And
that appears to be Apple Computer and its Apple Store. If you don’t
believe that, check out their stock performance and visit an Apple
Store. There doesn’t seem to be a shortage of people willing to spend
their money there. Contrast that with the veritable “ghost towns” of
stores adjacent or directly across from that Apple Store.

What is their formula that the rest of us can follow to get people to
spend money, that will create a need for more products, services and
employees, and that more importantly will solve the unemployment crisis?

It’s rather simple and hidden in plain sight. Find out what the very
moneyed and somewhat moneyed “gotta have” and then give it to them. In
the case of Apple, it seems that the moneyed and somewhat moneyed gotta
have Apple products including ipads, iphones and even Macbook computers
(in spite of their costing four to five times their PC counterparts).

The other thing that Apple got right is aspirational clarity which
means seeing what their customers are likely to “gotta have” in their
customers’ future that their customers can’t see now.

Apple is not alone in this. Successful movie franchises like Harry Potter, Batman and Spiderman seem to also have aspirational clarity.


So here is the simple solution for job creation. Every business
needs to get out of their own mindset and into the aspirational mindsets
of their customers and clients and create services and products that
are beyond their customers’ imagination, but will be what they “gotta have” in the future.

Years ago the iconic movie, Field of Dreams
did just that. When Ray Kinsella, the character played by Kevin
Costner, created a field in which people got to live out their dreams,
it fulfilled the promise of that movie. “If you build it, people will

If your business builds something that not only fulfills dreams, but
creates a “gotta have” experience, your present and future customers and
clients will come… and then you will begin to hire people.

And that is one way to solve the unemployment problem.

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