Booyah Brings Monopoly To The Real World–With Real Money

Booyah is a fast-growing mobile gaming company that’s poised to be a leader in the space. Sure there’s Zynga and a host of promising companies that are reaping profits developing mobile games. However, from what little interaction I’ve had with mobile gaming, I can safely say there will be room for a number of leading companies in the next decade and beyond.

Once I got over my association of the word “Booyah” as a TV catchphrase, it became clear that there was a true passion for creating games in the full-floor offices of Booyah across the street from San Francisco’s AT&T Park. Founder and CEO Keith Lee is an ex-pat of the video gaming industry, having worked on hit franchises Diablo and World of Warcraft. I stopped in to see what professional game makers can do in the new era of mobile location.

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