Little Kim, Nicki Minaj, and why Google+ just may work…….

The history of Hip-Hop has an interesting relationship with women. And the women of Hip-Hop have an interesting relationship with Social Networks, Let me explain;

Hip-Hop’s first ladies like Sha-Rock & Lisa Lee rapped about fun, and parties and life. By the time my friends Queen Latifah and Monie Love came on the scene, the face of the female rapper became uplifting and envigorating for women all over. By the time Little Kim and Foxy Brown made their intros, female rap took a drastic turn, the lyrics got messy, and Social Networks followed suit. I don’t even want to address rap talent like Trina, Shauna, or that drastic Khia chick.

I cannot tell a lie, and say I was not part of the Friendster revolution. But coming from an “urban” background, I was here for the introductions of both  Black Planet and MySpace. Both those Social Networks had members heavily influenced the Little Kim’s and Trina’s of the world. In a nutshell, when rap got messy, so did Social Media.

Zuckerberg calmed a great deal of that with his platform. You hardly see naked pics, or the like, but still Facebook has an underground reputation as a “hook-up” site. 

Google Plus is the future. The feature of “circles” alone solves the Facebook privacy issues of late, and directlt cuts through a lot of the noise. No “messy” here. And me being the quintessential Google-ite (Nexus One, CR-48 on deck!), I’d probably promote in anyhoo.

But this is a cultural thing folks. Just having a Google Plus account won’t make female rap speak about issues beyond what’s below their waists unless we demand it first.

But we can definitely keep them out of out Google Plus circles.