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As cinema goes, watching designers talk about their work is boring enough. But watching designers talk about how they think? Suffice it to say, it’s no Die Hard. Nevertheless, a handful of filmmakers wants to mount a documentary on precisely that — design thinking — and they hope to raise $15,000 through Kickstarter to support their work.
The film, by One Time Studio in San Francisco, will feature interviews with a smattering of design minds. Among them: laptop inventor and IDEO cofounder Bill Moggridge; Smart Design cofounder Dan Formosa; and AIGA CEO Richard Grefe. The point here is to explore "the impact design thinking has on the world." Which prompts the question: Why? Is a subject that inspires people to use "solution" as a verb (see video above, about 55 seconds in) really worth any filmmaker’s precious time? And why now, especially since design thinking is, in some estimations, sooooooo last week? Anti-DT sentiment is exactly why the time is ripe to give the topic a full cinematic treatment, says One Time Studio’s Yang Yu Hsiu. "From our point of view, design thinking did a good job of bringing forward the value of design to address changes in the world," he tells Co.Design in an email. "There have been many backlashes over the topic recently. We want to introduce many voices by form of documentary to look at the topic neutrally. It is important for people to know both the good and bad of design thinking, at the same time." Let’s just hope the filmmakers can squeeze some explosions in there, too.