Red Hot Redbox Seeing 40 Rentals Per Second: Infographic

Only days after reporting $363.9 million in quarterly revenue and $79 million in operating income, up 34% and 99% year-over-year, respectively, DVD kiosk company Redbox has released some more impressive figures. With more than 27,000 kiosks spread across the country, the Coinstar-owned service is now seeing an average of 55 million monthly rentals and up to 40 rentals per second.

That’s a lot of movies circulating for a service that requires a trip to the local grocery store. But as Redbox’s numbers indicate, the company is growing fast, and expanding its reach beyond physical pickups and into the digital world.

According to Redbox, which released a handy infographic to boast of its growth, the company has seen more than 4.5 million iPhone app downloads and more than 2.1 million Android app downloads. Additionally, is now receiving nearly 9 million monthly unique visitors, while it also boasts 30.5 million newsletter subscribers and 2.7 million SMS subscribers.

In other words, consumers aren’t just experiencing Redbox at the kiosk–although an estimated 270 million people walk by one each week. Its digital reach provides a healthy foundation in case it ever decides to expand beyond its kiosk competition with NCR’s Blockbuster chain, and launch a streaming video service, as reports have suggested.

And for Netflix, the numbers are yet another sign that competition is growing. The streaming and DVD-by-mail service recently caused shockwaves after announcing a price hike, which analysts estimate could cost the company more than two million subscribers–subscribers who could find their way to a Redbox kiosk with the cash saved.AC