Millions Affected By Hack In Korea, BBC iPlayer Goes Euro, Oracle Vs. Google, Nintendo Slashes 3DS Price, EA Games Loves iPads

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Prepaid Plans Will Be 1/4 Of Wireless Subscriptions: By the end of 2011, The New Millennium Research Council estimates that 1 in 4 cell phone subscribers will be on a prepaid use plan, slowing edging out the dominance of more expensive subscription plans. This might be good news for frustrated owners tired of paying for unused minutes while living in areas of spotty reception (like much of New York City). — GF


Sony Reveals Earthquake-Period Finances. Sony’s just revealed its quarterly finances for the period that includes the Japanese earthquake and tsunami disaster. They’re predictably grim: A $200 million dollar loss for the quarter, compared to $330 million profit last year. But interestingly enough, Sony’s seen its earnings take a hit from falling sales of its Bravia TVs too. –KE

Social Net Hack Hits Millions Of Koreans. Malicious hackers have hit SK Telecom’s popular Cyworld social sharing site and the email portal Nate too, stealing data that may include user phone numbers and other more personal (if encrypted) data about millions of site users. The Korean Communications Commisssion has blamed China for the attacks, saying evidence left behind by the hackers can be traced to an IP address in China. Technically this is improbable, since China could simply be a staging-post for an attack that originated elsewhere–but it does play into regional politics. –KE

BBC’s iPlayer Goes European. The BBC’s TV content, tho much appreciated when rebroadcast around the world, has been trapped on British soil for a number of technical and legal reasons–even for its popular iPlayer online viewing portal. Now the iPlayer has gone European with an iPad app that costs just €50 a year, that also allows show downloading as well as streaming. It’s a test move, before a bigger global roll-out. –KE

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Oracle Email Skeletons In Google’s Closet. Google’s ongoing IP battle with Oracle over abuse of Java licenses has taken an odd turn: Emails dating back to around 2005 seem to imply the search giant wilfully infringed on Oracle’s patents (acquired via Sun). “If Sun doesn’t want to work with us, we have two options […] 2) Do Java anyway and defend our decision, perhaps making enemies along the way” is a good example from Andy Rubin. Since at least $100 million in damages may be involved, it’s a key find. –KE


Nintendo Cuts 3DS Price. Struggling with disappointing sales, and facing the imminent arrival of Sony’s next-gen handheld console Vita, Nintendo is making moves to push sales of its new 3DS 3-D graphics handheld by cutting its price from $250 to just $170 in the U.S.–a 32% drop, due mid-August. Pricing in other nations will also be adjusted downwards soon. Those who bought the portable at the the original price will get 20 free downloads. –KE

EA Loves The iPad. According to gaming firm EA the “fastest growing platform” for its games in terms of sales is the iPad. As recently as 2000, games consoles were around 80% of the market, but they’ve since shrunk to 40%–with devices like the iPad attracting gamers to an alternative environment. EA’s CEO John Riccitiello even sees mobile device graphics catching up to console’s high bar sooner rather than later. It’s proof positive the games market (now bigger than the movie industry) is changing fast. –KE

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