• 07.25.11

Taming the Google+ Privacy Concerns

There has been tremendous buzz surrounding Google+ since it’s launch a months ago. Most has been positive, but there are concerns popping up that have people starting to flinch a bit. Is privacy on Google+ becoming a problem? If so, how does one go about alleviating the concerns?

Google Plus

It’s been the biggest news in tech for a month – much longer than the buzz-cycle normally associated with positive news surrounding a launch. Even Apple should be feeling a little jealous.


The last week has seen a sharp change in buzz. While who are on the social network are still in bliss, there are very loud and ominous concerns surrounding accounts being deleted, businesses not being able to jump in the mix yet, and privacy about what’s being posted.

It seems as if the Google+ honeymoon is over. Time to get to work.

One way to put privacy concerns down is to follow this quick 6-step guide. Unlike Facebook where the hoops that must be jumped through are often hard to find, Google makes it much easier to lock down your content, posts, and personal information.

Google Privacy Guide

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