LulzSec-Anonymous Vs. FBI, Hacked Murdoch Emails Due, Acer’s Cloud, Nokia’s Grim Finances, PayPal’s Physical Store Plans

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LulzSec And Anonymous Go “V”-Style against the FBI. LulzSec and Anonymous have issued a joint statement directed at the FBI in response to comments made by deputy FBI director Chabinsky, and it is pure V For Vendetta-style. –KE

–Updated 11:40 a.m. EST

LulzSec Close To Murdoch Email Release. According to a recent tweet, hacker collective LulzSec is “working with certain media outlets who’ve been granted exclusive access to some of the News Of The World emails we have.” This could mean we’re on the verge of seeing a WikiLeaks-style expose of Murdoch private information, in the wake of the phone hacking scandal–and it marks a different approach for LulzSec which usually publishes data directly. –KE

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AT&T’s Growth. AT&T’s quarterly results are in, and they show a consolidated revenue growth of 2.2% to $31.5 billion. It’s riding the smartphone wave, with 3.6 million iPhones sold, over half of all smartphones, and 25% of these are new buyers–matching the first quarter stats. Android phones were over 40% of smartphone sales. –KE


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Acer Buying Its Cloud. Computer manufacturer and king of netbooks Acer is paying over $320 million to buy cloud computing specialists iGware, a U.S. company. You may never have heard of iGware, but you’ve probably used its tech unknowingly–it powers 100 million consumer devices, including the Wii’s network-related code. Acer is leaping aboard the cloud services bandwagon in a big way. –KE

–Updated 8:30 a.m. EST


Nokia Finances Will Be Gloomy. Nokia’s delayed its quarterly earnings call today, citing “technical reasons,” but it won’t delay the inevitable: Market expectations are that it will report a net loss of €10 million ($14.2 million) for the quarter, down from a profit of €419 million for the same period last year. Nokia’s limping smartphone efforts are being blamed for the company’s lost income. –KE


PayPal Gets Physical. Not content with being the world’s best known online payments clearing house, PayPal is trying to embrace the future of mobile payments…and now its CEO has revealed it’ll actually be trying to reach real world bricks and mortar stores. It’s partnering with a major US retailer, for point-of-sale purchases later in 2011 and by 2012 it expects to have 20 nation-wide retailers to be using its services. –KE

Anonymous Social Net Is Hacked. AnonPlus, the fledgling social network being built by pro-online anonymity activists has been hacked by a group calling itself Akincilar. The main damage was the replacement of AnonPlus’ artwork and text with militantly pro-Turkey messages, which came with an unmistakably aggressive edge–an act the group seems to have pulled off before. AnonPlus’ team has already begun repairs to its digital property but this is Anonymous, so it’s likely that reprisal attacks will happen. –KE

Space Shuttle Era Is Over. Space Shuttle Atlantis’ main landing gear touched the runway at Kennedy Space Center at 5:57 a.m. EDT precisely, and thus ended the thirty year career os the Space Shuttle as the world’s first reusable spacecraft. It was the 133rd landing in Shuttle history, and Atlantis alone travelled 126 million miles. The Shuttle, retired and destined for a museum, retains its status as the most complex machine we’ve ever built. –KE

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