Think You’re A Social-Media Guru? Take This Quiz

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Tom Anderson is currently active (and quite popular) on Google+. Mark Zuckerberg’s public Twitter experiment–which was confirmed by Facebook’s then-publicist–lasted two months in 2009. See if you can tell one from the other based solely on what he wrote–then click “answer” for each big reveal. 

1. “Social networks may have began as a way for people to communicate, but in many ways they’re a battle for your free time.” ANSWER:

2. “So many interesting people are following me. I think I’ll follow some of you guys as well.” ANSWER:

3. “Credit is often inappropriately directed towards the leader when it comes to understanding the accomplishments of an organization.” ANSWER:

4. “I think people are underestimating what is going on here.” ANSWER:

5. “This is neat.” ANSWER:

6. “I find it funny that it’s on Digg that I’m here.” ANSWER:

7. “Great to see these giants of the industry (Amazon & Apple) going to head to head. The consumer (us!) is the winner :)” ANSWER:

8. “Hey, how’d you find this account? I know it’s not private but I’m just curious.” ANSWER:

9. “I like to see what people are willing to share.” ANSWER:

Read more from Tom Anderson on Google+ or Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter account.

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