Zillow Soars, Apple’s New Macs Arrive–One Goes, Apple Lion OS Launches, Google Site-Blocking Bug, Twitter’s Commerce Plans

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Zillow Zooms In IPO. Tech-IPO fever continued to rage on Wall Street, where real-estate web giant Zillow (one of our Most Innovative Companies 2010) saw its stock more than double during its first day of trading, valuing the company at $1 billion, even though it has yet to turn a profit–kinda like anyone who bought a house in 2005. –ES   


GetGlue Crosses The Pond. The UK broadcaster Channel 4 has announced a partnership with GetGlue, the Union Square Ventures-backed startup that offers rewards for checking in to entertainment events. Viewers of the youth-focused E4 channel will be able to unlock limited edition stickers for the new season of Beaver Falls starting July 27th, and later for Skins and Misfits. One of our 10 Most Innovative Companies in Video, GetGlue has already inked deals with 50 entertainment and news outlets in the U.S. including HBO, FX, and CNN. Channel 4 is the company’s first international partner. —NR

-Updated 1:30 p.m. EST

OS X Lion Apps Upgrade Guide. If you’re keen as mustard to install Apple’s latest and greatest operating system on your Mac, then you need to be aware that a few apps won’t work. Which ones? Check the compatibility list, a tool that does much of the work for you. –KE

–Updated 9:30 a.m. EST

New Macs. In parallel to its new OS, Apple’s refreshed parts of its Mac computer lineup. The slim MacBook Airs have got significant spec upgrades, as expected, while also gaining backlit keyboards, and the Mac Mini has followed suit with more storage and faster chips…but it’s lost its optical drive. Another thing that’s gone is the white plastic MacBook, which was Apple’s last link to its older iBook range and seen as an entry-level machine. Thunderbolt connections are on all the machines now, including the new Thunderbolt Display, which Apple touts for its ability to act as a docking station. Only the Mac Pro is unchanged. –KE


The Lion Sleeps Tonight, If You Close Your MacBook. Apple’s latest big-ticket upgrade to its Mac operating system OS X Lion has arrived on the Apple App Store. Unlike all previous editions, and pointing the way to the future, it’s only available as a download to update existing machines. –KE

–Updated 8:35 a.m. EST


The Shuttle may be ending, but NASA still has amazing tricks up its sleeve: This is an image of Vesta, a 330-mile-wide asteroid, and the image was taken after space probe Dawn became the first ever to orbit a body in the asteroid belt, just the other day.


Google Site-Blocking Bug. Google’s had to switch off its system that disables URLs because a bug has been discovered that allows anyone with Google Webmaster’s tools to block any site from appearing in Google search results. It looks like it was a simple loophole, and Google’s already on the case–but since Google is so very important for millions of businesses, it’s a serious reminder about code security. –KE

Anonymous Arrests. Authorities around the world moved to snatch activists working for the hacktivist collective Anonymous, with 14 arrests in the U.S. and one in London. This British arrest may have been an individual codenamed Tflow, aged 16, who seems to be a core member of LulzSec–interesting timing given the hack attacks on Murdoch-related news sites recently. The LulzSec member claiming access to Murdoch emails has said he’s unaffected, and has threatened reprisals against the authorities. –KE

Twitter’s Commercial Future. How can Twitter make money? Let us count the ways. One way that CEO Dick Costolo has just revealed is pretty interesting: It’s possible that Twitter may attempt to monetize selling of items through its large social network. Twitter commerce, on small to medium scales, is a growing thing. Costolo notes that if it can “remove friction” from the process and make it more powerful, it should be able to extract a fee. With its rapidly growing user numbers, it could work. –KE

New Apple Hardware Imminent. Apple’s normally watertight systems seem a little porous this morning: Ahead of an official unveil, we have details of the upcoming MacBook Air and Mac Mini refreshes. The hardware stays mainly the same, with the addition of Thunderbolt connections and enhanced CPUs. But intriguing new data suggests Apple will add new features “incrementally,” after their launch. –KE

–Updated 6:00 a.m. EST


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