Wikipedia Ratings, New iPhone For $350?, Adobe Enhances PDFs, Music Releases Get Gamey, Spotify Invites As PR Trick

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Wikipedia Gets Ratings. If you’re reading English Wikipedia, things may be about to get a whole lot more useful (and, just possibly, confusing): Wikipedia’s revealed articles will get a publicly-voted rating from 1 to 5 as a measure of trustworthiness, objectivity, completeness and writing quality. That’ll make some articles more believable, but users’ll have to juggle with more numbers and data…and who’s to say there won’t be weird politically-motivated biased voting efforts? –KE


–Updated 1:40 p.m. EST

iPhone Lite For $350? Yep, that’s what’s being reported here. It’ll cost that much without a contract, will likely be the iPhone 3GS, and will arrive ’round late Summer. Perhaps. That’s what we’ve been thinking, too.  — MM

–Updated 10:30 a.m. EST


Adobe Buys EchoSign. Desperately keen to preserve its flagship PDF format in a complex and changing online world, Adobe has bought “the premier electronic signature provider” to enhance PDF security with automated secure signatures and form-filling for advanced digital contract drawing-up. The PDF is not going anywhere yet… –KE

Music Apps Evolve As Promo Tools. It’s a tablet and smartphone and app era, so band The Polyphonic Spree has taken the new meme of launching your new album as an app to a logical peak: Its new music is available as an iOS app that’s actually an interactive choose-your-path adventure game–laced with tunes throughout. Clever. –KE


Spotify Invites–The Next Big Marketing Opportunity. Spotify’s arrived in the U.S. with a loud and surprising fanfare…but it’s still tricky to get invites to the initial ad-free service. One of the biggest success stories of this launch was the partnership with social media analyst Klout to get free invites based on your social impact score–but it was also a promo for Klout. Now Chevy is in on the game, being its “exclusive automotive advertising partner,” doling out invites to the hot new streaming music engine, and getting good PR. Is this a whole new marketing trick? Google, which often uses invites, better take notes. –KE

ITC Rules Against HTC In Apple IP Suit. In what may prove to be a tricky precedent-setting case with implications for the greater Android market, the International Trade Commission has ruled in favor of Apple over a patent violation suit in HTC’s smartphones. Over the weekend it even emerged that the two patents in question were filed long before smartphones really took off–let alone the iPhone was imagined–which places even greater emphasis on Apple’s speculative patents filed recently. More importantly, will the ITC ban HTC imports? –KE

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