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Flip-Flops, Miniskirts: The Worst Of Summer Work Attire

office slacker

When it comes to workplace attire, we're no longer restricted to the all-business-all-the-time suits-and-ties of Mad Men-era office culture. Colorful, fun companies like Google have proved success isn't derived from stodgy work outfits but can be achieved even in T-shirts and V-necks. ("You can be serious without a suit" is actually one of core philosophies.)

But that doesn't mean employees are open to all styles in the workplace. According to a new survey by human resources solutions company Adecco, when it comes to casual attire, especially during the summer, employees still have pretty strong views about what they find acceptable to wear in the office. While 74% of Americans think it's acceptable to dress more casually in the summer, there are certainly limits to workplace fashion.

The biggest office wardrobe offender? Flip-flops. When asked to select the attire that's most inappropriate for the workplace, roughly 71% of respondents answered flip-flops—no one is interested in seeing your hammer toes or Hobbit hooves, in other words. (Open-toed shoes, on the other hand, were deemed inappropriate by only 31% of respondents.) According to the 1,000 American adults Adecco surveyed, flip-flops were more offensive than even miniskirts, which 70% of respondents found inappropriate. Strapless tops or dresses ranked third, with 66% of the vote.

But while Mad Men-era dress codes have gone out of style, there's a sense that the period's sexism has carried over when it comes to workplace attire. For strapless tops or dresses, for example, more than 76% of women find them inappropriate; only 55% of men, however, feel the same. And when it comes to miniskirts, women find them far more offensive than men—80% of women believe miniskirts are inappropriate, whereas just 61% of men do.

Gosh, of all the days to choose to wear flip-flops, a miniskirt, and a strapless top. No wonder my coworkers have been giving me questionable looks.

[Image: Flickr user Slyworking2]