How Jay-Z, Eminem, And Steve Jobs Can Bring Us To Salvation

What if business savvy rap stars, and tech leaders got together and solved all our problems?


Millions of kids idolize hip-hop artists
and rappers and have dreams of becoming one. They think that rapping would be a
great way to get rich. Most of them will never get there. And people that are
talented often have no background in the business side, so they will
disintegrate or lose all of their money.

And there is a proliferation of young
people, and not so young people, who want to create the next Facebook, Google,
Zappos, etc. Most of these people will never get there either.

But, what if we could get some of these
hip-hop moguls, like Jay-Z, Queen Latifah, Eminem, Chamillionaire, Dr. Dre, Ice
Cube, and Missy Elliot, together with some of the tech leaders like Steve Jobs,
Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Tony Hsieh, Gina Trapani, Clara Shih, in dialogues
and round tables?


Here is my vision:

Young people could learn about all
aspects of the music world and the other options like sound engineering,
production, organization, lighting, etc. and about the business of business.

More young people could learn to become
entrepreneurs, and about investing, long term visioning, or becoming successful
in an organization.


Businesses, and entrepreneurs can learn
about being visible, marketing, public relations, visioning, risk taking, and
reinvention from these hip-hop moguls.

Dialogues or round tables with these
artists and business leaders could mean sharing best practices, finding commonalities
and new ideas that would benefit them all.

Between technology fans, rap/hip-hop fans
and their overlapping fans, almost every demographic; age, race, ethnicity,
religion, gender, sexual orientation would be covered.


Think of the impact and influence!

These dialogues and roundtables would be
the ultimate model of diversity and inclusion, with people learning together,
and interacting in new ways.

Brilliant ideas, dramatic innovation, and
new breakthrough products are often rooted in the synergy that occurs when
people from diverse backgrounds come together and have meaningful interaction.


This could be a demonstration of partnership and problem
solving amongst different types of people.

What extraordinary outcomes can result from business savvy
rappers, like 50 Cent, who uses technology, and people at the top of the tech
list, like Sergey Brin, and Larry Page, addressing issues and seeking solutions
to illiteracy, domestic abuse, dropping out of high school, poverty,
employment, education, and isolation

With hip-hop, and technology working together, we could
reach people who are bullied or bully, or kids so distraught they only see
suicide as a way out, or older people who have no understanding of youth
culture, and young people who need to understand the concerns of older people.


Visualize for a minute, people across all demographics
tuning in on TV, Skype, or even in person hearing the right messages of hope,
encouragement, and possibilities, from people that they admire.

Maybe it would get more of us to feel a new sense of
community, create empathy with people who are different than ourselves, and
find unknown commonalities. Maybe, these dialogues and round tables could help
us develop solutions, with the resources we already have,

Maybe real inclusion could go viral, with solutions that
don’t take billions of dollars to implement, and that often result in failure
because of lack of involvement.


Simma Lieberman
creates inclusive workplaces where employees love to do their best work, and
customers love to do business. She is a consultant, speaker and executive coach.

Simma is
internationally known for helping organizations develop, and successfully implement strategy
for diversity, and inclusion/culture change initiatives at every level.

Simma is the
co-author of the book,
Putting Diversity to Work, how to successfully lead a diverse workforce and the author of a new e-book, Stress Management for the Motivated.

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[Image: FLickr user Slippy Slappy]