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Comedian Discovers Facebook Video Call Bug, Recommends Paper Towel Patch

Tom Kelly

New York comedian Tom Kelly has discovered an unnerving flaw for Safari users attempting Facebook's new video calling feature: You can’t hang up.

"You might think you hung up on the call, but the friend you’re talking to is actually watching you in your bedroom—or wherever you make your call," Kelly says in the most recent episode of his web series The Tom Kelly Show.

Kelly, who also does warm up for ABC’s The View, tried unsuccessfully to hang up on his buddy Jack (who was using Google’s Chrome browser on his Mac) by minimizing or closing the Facebook chat window, closing Safari, and even relaunching the Finder.

As proof that Kelly was still in camera shot, he held up his middle finger and asked Jack to guess the number of fingers he was holding up.

"The only important one," says Jack.

"The only way to end the call is to hit the ‘end call’ button when Facebook says to end the call, or restart your computer," Kelly concludes. "Jack could end on his end, but what if Jack's a perv? What if he wants to see me naked? We don’t know. So if you value your privacy, humanity and dignity, make sure the on-camera light is off.

"Or just cover your camera with a paper towel. It’s the only way to truly be safe."

Asked whether Facebook was aware of the issue or had any better suggestions for a fix, a spokesperson tells Fast Company, "We can confirm that this was not a bug. Though it appears Tom closed his browser window, he did not actually close his video calling window, only minimized it, so the call remained connected. This is by design, to help people avoid disconnecting calls by accidentally clicking away. To end a video call, the user must close the call window."

But shouldn't shutting down Safari altogether via the Finder have closed any open windows, minimized or not? Won't plenty of Safari users make this same error? No matter. As we hit publish on this story, Kenny aparently figured out his problem and was, possibly, running an edition of Safari from 2003. "This bug seems to be fixed. I updated my system software and made sure Safari was up to date. The opinions expressed in this video are still funny."

Just not, like "ha-ha" funny.

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