Color Loses Top Exec, Google’s New Iriver E-Reader, News Of The World Hacked Prince Charles and Camilla?

Google’s e-reader is packed with free books. Prince Charles and Camilla ensnared in scandal, Rebecca Black’s return–not on Friday!, laptop encryption’s legal test, Shuttle in space debris worry, Delicious social bookmarker to be refreshed. This and more important news from your Fast Company editors, with updates all day.



Chief Product Officer Resigns From Color. The struggles continue for Color, the $41 million photo-sharing startup founded by Bill Nguyen in March. Today, it was reported that its chief product officer, DJ Patil, who left his position as LinkedIn’s chief scientist to join the company, would be departing Color as a full-time employee, but would stay on as an advisor. Mixed reviews and poor pickup have plagued the service since inception–recently, its cofounder Peter Pham even left the startup. Facing such issues, Nguyen said in June that he would dramatically alter the direction of Color. –AC

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Google’s Also-Read E-Reader. The good news: Starting July 17, you can get 3 million free eBooks from Google (and slightly fewer paid ebooks from its store) without first downloading them to your PC and then transferring them to your e-reader. Bad news: You have to get them on Google’s new Wi-Fi-only iriver reader, on sale at Target on Sunday for $139.99. The thing looks like a piece of jewelry your Miami-beach dwelling grandmother got on QVC to wear to church for holiday service. No, but, we mean, it’ll probably look great on you. –TG

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Prince Charles, Camilla Ensnared in News of the World Hacking Scandal. Like some sort of horror movie blob, the News of the World phone hacking scandal keeps growing and growing, capturing everyone and everything in its path. The latest victims? None other than the heir to the English throne, The Prince of Wales, and The Duchess of Cornwall. The U.K.’s Guardian is reporting that Charles and Camilla are among 10 members of the royal family who police have said are “likely targets of the News of the World‘s specialist phone-hacker, Glenn Mulcaire.” Who’s next, Wayne Rooney? –MM

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Rebecca Black Returns To YouTube. Rebecca Black, diminutive songstress behind that vilely-catchy tune Friday that also is the most watched clip on YouTube, is primed to launch her next single My Moment. It’ll hit on July 18th–a Monday!–and it’ll debut on YouTube…because of Friday’s 167 million YouTube plays. The video will feature details on how her rise to fame happened, on YouTube. And it’ll come with a free tube of YouTube toothpaste. We joke about that last bit, but are you sensing the YouTube vibe here? –KE

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DOJ To Force Password Decryption of Laptops? In what’s being seen as an important test case for the Fifth Amendment in the digital era, the Department of Justice is trying to force a suspect in a mortgage scam to decrypt her laptop–arguing that the retention of the unlock keys is barring a legal investigation. The defendant’s position is that she is protected from self-incrimination, and the encryption is the method of defense here. –KE

Space Debris May Threaten Station. The Shuttle and the International Space Station, busily engaged in operations after yesterday’s final mating of the Shuttle to a docking port, may be under threat from a sizable and unpredictable piece of space junk. It’s a shard of Russia’s dead Cosmos 375 satellite, which shattered after an earlier collision with another satellite. Close approach is expected today, and may require emergency maneuvers. –KE


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Delicious To Get Reflavored. Social bookmarking darling Delicious–fresh from its resale–is due to get a sweeping refresh later in 2011, according to new info. The firm is recruiting key positions, including a community manager and general legal counsel, and the relaunch is due this Fall. Though we don’t know exactly what form the makeover will take, it’s likely all about making it much more clever and intuitive. –KE


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Google Says Sorry. Spam, spam spam… that’s a brief summary for Google’s new flagship Google+ social net on the weekend, as the service went wrong and accidentally flooded the email inboxes of its users with a torrent of notification messages. Google’s head of social Vic Gundotra had to take to the wires to apologize and explain: It was a drive overload on the server dedicated to sending notifications, so the system got confused. Bad news for Plus, but just a teething issue. –KE

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Tablets Sell Like Hot Cakes. IDC has just upped its prediction for tablet sales for 2011 from 50.4 million units to 53.5 million–a modest 6% rise, but a significant one since the tablet market is so young, and predicting upside at this early stage is a big thing. Despite the quarter one sales dip, post-holiday season, the IDC thinks strong (and improving) sales of iPad 2s are the real ticket–though Android tablets grew market share to over a third. –KE

Selling Apple(s) To China. Apple manufacturing partner Foxconn is to spend a whopping $1.6 billion on developing stores to sell Apple products in China…an undeniably huge retail opportunity. Foxconn looks to have followed the usual retail “preferred reseller” model, as found on many other stores around the world, and will work alongside Apple’s flagship stores in the nation. Considering the scale of the operation, it’ll earn Apple a lot of money…and may also provide an incentive for Foxconn to achieve better product yields. –KE

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