Phone-Hacking Scandal Shuts A UK Newspaper

In the wake of en extensive high-tech phone-hacking scandal, Britain’s tabloid newspaper News of the World is killed off. This and more important news from your Fast Company editors, with updates all day.

Phone Hacking Newspaper Shut Down. Britain’s News of The World paper has found out that social media and phone hacking don’t mix. After a public outcry in many forms (including numerous discussions on Twitter) forced advertisers to pull their support from the News of The World after it was found the paper was complicit in the hacking of prominent people’s phones, the paper is to close. This Sunday’s edition will be the last, and Rupert Murdoch’s news empire has a new branding/PR issue to deal with. –KE


–Updated 11:55 a.m. EST

Amazon’s Endless Cloud. Amazon’s just changed the details of its Cloud Drive and Cloud Player systems to make them way more useful: If you pay for a $20 annual Drive access, then the amount of music files you can store is unlimited (presumably, within reason). Compared to Google’s free 20,000 limit and the 20,000 tracks Apple will offer in iTunes in iCloud, that’s a sweet deal. Even if it’s targeted at small proportion of users. –KE

Game Over, Man. A spokesman for Nintendo confirmed yesterday that despite speculation, the Japanese gaming giant won’t make games for the ever-more popular iOS gaming platform on Apple’s iPhone/iPad. Nintendo’s policy remains unchanged and “won’t change” in the future. But the position seems to have irked investors, and Nintendo lost some of the share price gains it had recently been building up–apparently the market would prefer to see Nintendo diversify in the face of the rising casual gaming threat. [Image: Flickr user nodoca] –KE

We’re All About Casual iOS Games. Nielsen has just published a new survey about which apps U.S. smartphone owners most use, and how much they pay for them. Among the stats are three big standouts: The most popular apps are games with 64% of users playing on inside the last month, and app downloaders are most likely to pay for a gaming app above all other categories (93% affirmation from users). That’s big news. And bigger: iOS gamers play games twice as long as other platform gamers. –KE

Nexus S 4G Due Soon, With Google Wallet. Rumor has it that Google is poised to reveal its next flagship Android phone–the 4G-enabled Nexus S, which will have WiMAX for even faster mobile broadband use and other tweaks. Even more importantly, its NFC system will be enabled for the first time, which is being taken as a sign that the much-anticipated Google Wallet wireless payment system is imminent. Does this also tally with other news that NFC is enabled in the new Google+ app? –KE

Busted Burger. Richard Nouveau’s Wall Street diner, which served a $175 truffle-and-gold-flake-laden burger, has gone bankrupt, reports Crain’s, via Gothamist. The owner wouldn’t comment to Crain’s, but his lawyer said the business was “not profitable.” Not to mention the burger being, “not digestible.” Back to Shake Shack. –TG


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