iOnRoad Wants You To Check Your Cell Phone While Driving


Admit it: Every once in a while you send a text message or check your email while driving. Chances are, your cell phone manufacturer doesn’t encourage this kind of behavior. But Israeli startup Picitup wants you to keep your eyes glued on your cell phone while driving–at least for part of the time.

The company’s recently introduced iOnRoad app uses augmented reality technology to act as a kind of visual radar for danger on the road. Drivers simply place their cell phone on a dashboard mount and let the app do its magic. IOnRoad maps the objects in front of drivers (i.e. cars, trees, people) in real time and calculates current driving speed. If the app senses that a driver is in danger of a collision, a visual warning pops up and a sound alert goes off.

For drivers who still think it might not be the best idea to watch their cell phone while on the road, (and this lengthy New York Times series certainly made a compelling case for that), the app has a “background mode” option, allowing it to remain hidden until danger is sensed. That’s probably the safest option. Check out iOnRoad in action below.

[Images: iOnRoad]

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