• 06.27.11

20 Years Of Data Storage Visualized

295 Exabytes. It sounds like a lot of data. It IS a lot of data. It is the estimated amount of data stored across the world from 1986 through 2007. To understand how much data that is, let’s take a look at some facts.

Hard Drive

Some people work with terabytes. Most work with gigabytes as their largest standard unit of data storage measurement. To get to an exabyte, first take a look at the 100GB flash drive sitting next to your computer. Now, imagine 10 million of those. That’s an exabyte.


Where in the world is all of that data stored? What about the emerging data – if the study goes through 2007, surely it must be much more than that by now?

It is.

Take a look at this graphic by Mozy to get a better understanding.

Data Storage Infographic


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