LinkedIn Leaps (Further) Into The Content Game With SlideShare

Think LinkedIn is just a professional network? Think again.

LinkedIn SlideShare

Everyone knows LinkedIn as a networking tool. But slowly, it’s becoming a media publisher too–or at least a place to find great work-related content.


Back in March, Reid Hoffman’s crew launched LinkedIn Today, a way for businesspeople to share and discover great articles. Today, it announces a tighter integration with SlideShare, so folks can share and discover presentations, videos, and documents from that site.

“Putting your content on LinkedIn is a way to get the right
professionals to discover your content,” Ross Mayfield, SlideShare’s
vice president of business development, tells Fast Company. “It’s a way for users to discover content through people, and people through content.”

Among the new features: On its site, SlideShare is adding the LinkedIn Share button to its pages, so visitors there can easily push content they like over to their networks in LinkedIn. SlideShare content will now be included in LinkedIn Today, and LinkedIn users will be able to view the SlideShare presentations, videos, and documents within their activity streams, without having to leave the site. Meanwhile, a “Hot on LinkedIn” section on the SlideShare homepage will show visitors there what’s trending over on the professional network.

LinkedIn and SlideShare partnered up a while back when the professional network made it possible for users to post an item from SlideShare to their LinkedIn profiles. The new integration puts that dynamic on steroids.

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