Business Card-Encoded Wristbands, Developer Dumps BlackBerry, Easy Small-Biz Social Network Campaigns, And More…

SkanzSkanz Are Wearable Business Cards/Social Network

The New York Consumer Electronic Week conference will outfit all attendees with a QR-code wristband that activities a sophisticated business card-like app called Skanz. In addition to basic info, Skanz is a mini-social network that facilitates offline interacting after the conference–in other words, no more trying to cram even more URLs and social media IDs onto increasingly tinier slivers of what was once called a business card (for more business-card ditching strategies, see our post from SXSW).

“Seesmic Dumps BlackBerry: Start Of A Stampede?”

Popular Twitter client Seesmic is officially ending support for the BlackBerry OS in June, pouring salt on fresh wounds after the beleaguered tech firm drastically cut earnings guidance and began to hand out layoff notices. BlackBerry has struggled to compete in the Android vs. iOS smartphone wars, and losing developers could make the company’s devices even more obsolete.

Easy Social Network Campaigns For Local Businesses

The one-time real-estate search engine Roost has re-purposed its original investment toward a new streamlined social-media campaign platform for the novice local business owner. “These small business don’t have time, they don’t know what to post, and they don’t have a big network,” said CEO Alex Chang. Roost is free for now, but it expects to add premium features as more businesses roll in.

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[Image: Courtesy of Skanz]GF