Infographic Of The Day: The Opportunity Gap Facing Blacks And Latinos

Admit it: Unless you feel these struggles closely, your eyes glaze over when you hear about the vast disparities that blacks and Latinos face in pursuit of the American dream. And maybe part of that is that you imagine nebulous claims of racism being the main ballast of the argument. But they’re not, and the actual stats that back up these claims are scarier than you probably realize.

Some of these are laid out in a powerful infographic designed by Hyperakt for Good and the University of Phoenix.


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Although the message isn’t surprising, the specifics are staggering: White families have a median net worth of $103,220, compared to $16,862 for Latinos and $5,740 for blacks. How could you possibly afford a college education given those circumstances? And in fact, 83% of non-whites that aren’t attending college cite finances as the main reason they are not attending. In addition, 74% of Hispanic youths must work to help support their family, while 36% of black households with kids younger than 18 live in poverty.

Seen in that light, it’s nothing short of amazing that 31% of white adults over 25 have a college degree, compared to 18% of blacks and 13% of Hispanics. Though it’s hard to say exactly what has allowed this to happen, it goes to show that our system for getting minorities into, and through, the higher education system isn’t totally broken. In fact, it some ways, it has been surprisingly successful.

[Images via Hyperakt; Click here to view larger]