Facebook To Launch New Photo App, Airbnb Faces Couch-Crashing Competitor, And More…

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Facebook’s New Photo Sharing App

The new standalone app will reportedly challenge the likes of Instagram, Color, and Path. Little is known about the “killer” new app, but speculation has the apps market in a tizzy, as Facebook’s social network dominance could effortlessly eclipse the hard-won success of many app entrepreneurs.

Airbnb Competitor, Wimdu, Snags $90 Million

The crowdsoured couch-crashing/B&B market is heating up, with a sizable European investment in Wimdu from Kinnevik and Rocket Internet. Airbnb has been the undisputed king of the luxury couch-surfing services, but as it becomes more mainstream, or jam packed around events like SXSW, bet that Wimdu won’t be the only big name to try to grab a piece of the glory.

BBC Amps Up Mobile Journalism

Looks like we might be saying goodbye to big white news vans and brawny-shouldered cameramen for the BBC, thanks to a new app that can stream live video over a 3G network. Others, such as CNN, have accepted smartphone reports from the “citizen journalists,” but the BBC may be the first to officially outfit the technology for its staff reporters.

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