• 06.14.11

As We All Embrace “Going Green,” Have We All Become Hippies?

Once was, if you talked about saving energy or going solar, people figured you were some tree-hugging hippie. But now that “going green” has gone mainstream, it sometimes seems as if we’ve all become part of the “hippie continuum.” Where do you fit in?

We all have different reasons for conserving energy or expressing a desire to save the environment.


Fact is, for many people it’s more about saving cash or not feeling guilty. In fact, you can be pretty conservative and still want to go with solar energy. Maybe you want to save money. Maybe you don’t want to have to rely on the grid, fearing the day the terrorists take it down.

Whatever the case, it’s no longer considered weird or “off-the-grid” to talk about solar energy, hybrid cars or planting your own garden. In some circles, it’s a badge of honor. Our friends over at One Block Off The Grid shared this humorous infographic on what it means to be a part of the “hippie continuum” and where you might fit in.

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