Does Sexualized Female Imagery Turn Women Off Gaming?

The theme for E3 2011 may have been ‘experience for all’, with new
content and consoles attempting to lure in wider audiences, but the
presentation at the Expo seemed to cater for only one demographic: the
male hardcore gamer.

At the majority of the stands in the expo were women with fake boobs
wearing skimpy clothes. These types of models can make women feel
intimidated and put them off gaming as it gives off a message that the
product is only for men.

By taking this approach gaming companies are continuing to miss out on
expanding their financial opportunities by limiting who they appear to
target. Claiming to provide entertainment for everyone is not
convincing when at the same time the tone of attraction is only for

According to Lady Geek research more than half of women are now
gaming, yet over a third of those women do not identify themselves as
gamers. This tells us that although women enjoy gaming they feel
disconnected to the gaming world. Perhaps if the gaming industry toned
down the sexualised female imagery, women would feel more attached to
the world of gaming and purchases would increase.