• 06.13.11

A Small Business Owner’s Guide To Taking a Vacation

The pros and cons of owning a business are often weighed when people consider leaping from the workforce to go out on their own. They look at pay, security, health benefits, and the like and consider the risks versus rewards. Something that many forget is the good ol’ fashioned yearly vacation. With summer around the corner, are you in a position to hit the beach, or will business suffer as a result?

Building a small business has many challenges. Sanity is definitely one of them. Many dive in knowing that they are going to give it their all to make their dreams come true and make their small businesses successful.


One of the keys to building a small business (and any endeavor for that matter) is maintaining a psychological edge over the pressures of life. Vacations are often a way to “recharge the batteries” and bring the world back into perspective. For many, it’s something that they feel they just can’t afford to do for the sake of their business.

This graphic by our friends at Intuit can be used as a guide for planning and making vacations a reality for small business owners. Preparation is key, particularly for those who are deeply embedded in their own business to the point that without them, it may fail.

Small Business Vacation

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