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Social continues to be one of the most talked about enterprise trends (for those whose heads aren't in the 'cloud'). So it's not surprising how much of this year's Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston (20-23 June) is dedicated to the social aspects of business. Below are 9 sessions that I find particularly interesting.


John Hagel will be talking about tying social software deployments to performance metrics. Andrew McAfee, who always has something significant to say, will be talking about the clash of the old world with the new Enterprise 2.0 one. Sara Roberts will be talking about collaboration with the new generation of enterprise workers. Ben Watson will be talking about 'context,' which is an important topic in the world of collaboration.


SharePoint 2010's social components are the topic of a workshop being run by Tony Byrne and Shawn Shell. A panel session, moderated by Mike Gotta looks at the changing organization structure of the workplace as collaboration patterns evolve. Finally, another panel session, moderated by Susan Scrupski, will examine real world Enterprise 2.0 implementations.


Keri Pearlson will leading a panel discussion around leadership in Enterprise 2.0 initiatives. Amy Wilson will be talking about another hot collaboration topic ... organizational culture.

I plan to attend the conference, especially the sessions listed above. I welcome the opportunity to talk with folks at the show about what is new and significant for business. Feel free to reach out with ideas.

For more about the event, catch the short video below.