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Marc Speichert On Creating An Online Novela Fan Club

Creative marketers are launching new efforts to reach the Latin American community. Marc Speichert worked with Telemundo to launch a novela fan club.

Photograph by Patrick James Miller

Marc Speichert
Chief Marketing Officer, L'Oréal USA
New York

Speichert, 37, worked with Telemundo to launch a novela fan club.

"HISPANICS ARE spending more time than non-Hispanics on social media. We have also seen that the telenovela phenomenon is pretty universal among Hispanic consumers. In March, we established a website, It's a place to learn about the novelas, share your thoughts about them, and meet others, and it is done under the banner of our products. You get points and eventually gain privileges and even gifts from the stars, including beauty products and autographs. You are asked to sign up and fill in a profile. This gives us the opportunity to create a database and get knowledge about the consumers. We had a projection for how many members we were going to get in the first three months—5,000—and we have exceeded the expectation fivefold."

A version of this article appeared in the July/August 2011 issue of Fast Company magazine.