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Olga Romero On Keeping Students And Families Connected

Creative marketers are launching new efforts to reach the Latin American community. Olga Romero manages multicultural communications for Southwest Airlines.

Olga Romero On Keeping Students And Families Connected
Photograph by Trevor Paulhus

Olga Romero
Bilingual Communications Specialist, Southwest Airlines

Romero, 36, manages multicultural communications for the airline.

"TO MARKET TO the Hispanic community, you cannot just place ads on TV and radio. All the lines of communication must be direct and personal. So we try to communicate in Spanglish—a mixture of English and Spanish—or in an English that is culturally relevant. We create events that really touch their hearts. We know the Hispanic population cares a lot about relationships. So one of the programs Southwest created is called ¡Lánzate! It provides travel awards to deserving students who are flying away to college, so they can fly in and out of their schools and visit families. They write an essay that is reviewed by judges, and the winners get up to four round-trip tickets. We know that bond with their families is very important for their success."

A version of this article appeared in the July/August 2011 issue of Fast Company magazine.