MI6 Punks Al Qaeda With Cupcakes, Japan’s Hawaiian Shirt Energy Plan, U.S. Archives “Wikipedian In Residence,” And More…

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MI6 Punks Al Qaeda With Cupcakes

There’s going to be a lot of frowns in the delicious smelling kitchens of Al Qaeda: MI6 hackers replaced an online bomb-making kit with Ellen DeGeneres’s “Best Cupcakes in America” recipe. Maybe “Operation Cupcake” will inspire some to pursue a new found passion for sugary treats–we hope.

Japan’s Energy Plan For Hot Nuclear Summer

Wearing cooler clothes will help Japan deal with its unfortunate dip in energy from the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Women’s clothing was not included in the new guidelines because it was more “difficult” to find similar suggestions.

U.S. National Archives Gets “Wikipedian In Residence”

Summer intern and graduate student in history Dominic McDevitt-Parks will be tasked with collaborating with the world’s largest encyclopedia to enhance its history coverage. McDevitt-Parks resume boasts seven years of editing Wikipedia–how’s that for a new job skill?

Mexico Boosts Armored Car Industry

In a twisted glass-half-full approach to Mexico’s debilitating drug war, business is booming for the armored car industry in Texas. Mexico’s own armored car industry is worth a hefty $80 million a year and is growing at an impressive 10% a year. You, too, can snag your own bullet-resistant car for around $80,000. Spring break just got pricier.

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[Image: Texas Armoring Corporation (via]