Twitter Adds Photo-Sharing To Its Service

Twitter photo sharing


As expected, Twitter announced today that they’re adding photos to their core feature set. Users will now be able to attach photos directly to their tweets from within (and soon from the company’s mobile apps as well), rather than having to use an outside service.

The Twitter feature will be powered by Photobucket, the Denver-based photo-hosting and -sharing service that currently has over 100 million users.

Twitter also announced today that they are enhancing search, so that a search will return photos and videos along with text-based tweets. (See image, below.)

“It’s never been easier to get a sense of what’s happening right now,” Executive Chairman Jack Dorsey wrote on the company’s blog.

Twitter says the photo-sharing tools will be rolled out to “over the next several weeks.” They were unclear about when the features would be added to the company’s phone apps.

In his post, Dorsey also said that the company was working on ways for people who don’t have smartphones to be able to “tweet” photos via SMS.

The company also announced another enhancement to search: An add-on to the Firefox search engine, called “Firefox with Twitter,” which allows you to type a Twitter #hashtag or @username into the address bar and go directly to the hashtag search results or the user’s profile page.

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