Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word In Business

apology Noun 1. A regretful acknowledgment of an offense or failure 2. Humble Pie ain’t just a band

Apology to Paige Craig

In this world of texts, tweets and brief posts, we all too often jump to conclusions on what the author actually meant in 140 characters or less. That and the fact we all seem to be ADHD these days, so we tend to glance at articles, maybe pay attention to the first paragraph or so (if that much) and move on to the next shiny thing that has caught our attention, posting and tweeting all along the way when we probably shouldn’t.


I did just that last week with a piece written by‘s Amanda Steinberg (@amandasteinberg) for In a weak moment, apparently channeling a deeply buried angry feminist, I only read the first couple of paragraphs, skimmed the rest and then decided to crucify Paige Craig (@paigecraig) on the spot without any further follow-up or research. I believe my exact eloquent words were “bite me.”

Turns out Craig is one of the good guys, a “good angel” investor who actually voiced a concern on Business Insider and on his blog, that most never would, and got the conversation started.

So, here goes:

Dear Paige Craig,

Please accept my sincerest apology for directing “bite me” to you on my Twitter account, Facebook page and those of Smart Girls Rock. I was most definitely not a Smart Girl and should have my Smart Girl license revoked or at least suspended. In fact, the #dumbass hashtag was well deserved.

You rock,

Dayna Steele

In my Find Your Inner Rock Star speech, I always stress that one should never write, tweet, post or share anything negative, that it will never serve a good purpose, period. Apparently I need to go back and listen to my own speech.

I can’t take back what I posted but I can stand up like a woman, admit I was wrong and learn from my mistake.


You should too.

PS I am assuming that this is probably not a good time to ask Craig to invest in Smart Girls Rock … …

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About the author CEO Dayna Steele is a success author, business speaker, and occasional golfer. Dayna spent years working with the greatest rock stars in the world