• 06.02.11

Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word In Business

apology Noun 1. A regretful acknowledgment of an offense or failure 2. Humble Pie ain’t just a band

Apology to Paige Craig

I did just that last week with a piece written by‘s Amanda Steinberg (@amandasteinberg) for In a weak moment, apparently channeling a deeply buried angry feminist, I only read the first couple of paragraphs, skimmed the rest and then decided to crucify Paige Craig (@paigecraig) on the spot without any further follow-up or research. I believe my exact eloquent words were “bite me.”


Turns out Craig is one of the good guys, a “good angel” investor who actually voiced a concern on Business Insider and on his blog, that most never would, and got the conversation started.

So, here goes:

Dear Paige Craig,

Please accept my sincerest apology for directing “bite me” to you on my Twitter account, Facebook page and those of Smart Girls Rock. I was most definitely not a Smart Girl and should have my Smart Girl license revoked or at least suspended. In fact, the #dumbass hashtag was well deserved.

You rock,

Dayna Steele

In my Find Your Inner Rock Star speech, I always stress that one should never write, tweet, post or share anything negative, that it will never serve a good purpose, period. Apparently I need to go back and listen to my own speech.

I can’t take back what I posted but I can stand up like a woman, admit I was wrong and learn from my mistake.

You should too.

PS I am assuming that this is probably not a good time to ask Craig to invest in Smart Girls Rock … …

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About the author CEO Dayna Steele is a success author, business speaker, and occasional golfer. Dayna spent years working with the greatest rock stars in the world.