Zynga’s New Game, Marines Embrace The iPad, Augmented Reality Translator App, And More…

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Move over America! Vodafone UK announced it will not longer charge differently for data coming from smartphone tethered computers or from the phone itself. Since data plans are capped, it’s basically all the same to Vodafone, but users are warned that tethered data consumption might burn through their plans faster.

Google +1 Is Here

Google’s latest attempt at social, Google +1, has just launched. With a bit of code, webites can add a “+1” button, which will then show up next to search results and figure into its ranking. Get your +1 one on here.

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Empires & Allies: Zynga’s Newest Game

Newly launched Empires & Allies is the social gaming giant’s foray into storytelling wrapped in (what they hope) will be another addictive strategy/combat game that leaves us constantly requiring another fix. Build an army, secure energy, invade islands, and with some umatched fortitude, you could live your days in peace on Lady Gaga’s farm.


Augmented Reality Translator App

Word Lens translates signs on the fly with this impressive-looking iPhone app. The app has even gotten media love outside of the expected nerd blogs and tech sites, including a shoutout from Ellen. Augmented reality is slowly creeping out of the cave of cheap tricks into the world of mainstream functionality, including an app that provides live stats from sporting events. Word Lens is currently only available for English/Spanish translation. “My mom taught me to program computer graphics when I was about seven years old,” Creator Otavio Good said. “I’ve been programming ever since then.”


Eric Schmidt’s Candid Interview

The D9 conference had the former Google CEO reflecting on all things Internet: how they believe transparency is the solution to privacy, that Schmidt admits he “screwed up” the social strategy, and what he calls the “Gang of Four,” which dominate the tech industry.

Marines Replace Paper With iPads

iPads are replacing stacks of clunky paper in Marine cockpits. Captain John Belsha gushes:

“It’s a game changer. In the past we have had to carry all the paper charts and the grid reference graphics we use as a reference for the ground forces in the area. If we had to carry every single one of them–we could on the Hercules, we have the room–but if you have a small cockpit like on the Cobra it’s not feasible.”

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