You’re So Vain, You Probably Think This Facebook Post Is About You

How often do you change your Facebook photo–and how do you measure up against the rest of the world? Okay, this Facebook post is about you.

taking pictures of taking pictures


Let’s conduct a little survey. Answer these questions about yourself.

  • How often do you change your Facebook profile picture?
  • What percentage of all the Facebook photos you’ve uploaded are profile pictures?
  • How many Facebook profile pictures do you have, total?

Pixable, the social photo experts, have just established themselves as the leading scientists of photo-related Facebook vanity. Their Director of Analytics extracted some data from the vast quanitites of photos that pass through their warehouse, and they put together a (not-so-beautiful) infographic summing up some of the more interesting tidbits.

The abstract to this study would read something like this: People on Facebook are vain. Sometimes science only needs to restate the obvious, with data.

You’re on Facebook, too, after all. How did you measure up?

Pixable Facebook infographic


[Image: Flickr user tensafefrogs]

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