Vodafone’s Crowd-Sized Cellphone Charger, Twitter To Reveal Injunction Breakers, And More…

Vodafone charging truck

Vodafone’s Super Charger

With the summer music-festival season upon us, thousands of concert-goers want to know: How do we keep our overused cellphones full of juice at all-day events? With Vodafone’s new semi that can charge 2,000 phones at once, that’s how. This brand placement is a lot more effective than a flying banner ad, for sure. May millions of fully charged, glowing screens be thrust aloft in unison. 

Twitter Goes To Washington

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo will be appointed to President Obama’s National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee (NSTAC), a position also held by execs from the likes of AT&T and Sprint. The move reveals how important Twitter is becoming to national communications, which is slightly ironic since Twitter is also a popular place to complain about AT&T’s spotty service. Could make for some awkward moments during committee meetings…

Twitter To Reveal Names Of Super Injunction Breakers

Speaking of Twitter…what happens when countless users break a court-ordered censorship rule? In Canada, it’s ignored; but, in Britain, they go after you, and Twitter will comply. The company is giving up users’ names who broke a British “super injunction” by tweeting out the name of a famous soccer who’s embroiled in a sex scandal. Twitter, for its part, will inform the accused so they can fight back–a sly, not-so-subtle jab against British courts.

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