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Renault's Electric Car Ad Flips The Script On EV Marketing

No more singing flowers, instead an appeal to logic: Your car is the only thing you use not powered by electricity.

Renault's Electric Car Ad Flips The Script On EV Marketing

Renault is launching a line of electric cars this year, and their ad campaign has just launched. Instead of, like many electric cars, focusing on the shiny happy benefits of a clean engine, Renault went the opposite route. It's ridiculous that we don't think we can use electricity for gas, because we use electricity for everything else. Imagine a world where everything ran on gas:


Renault's electric cars—the Kangaroo Express, the Fluence, the Zoe, and the Twizy—are sadly going to be only available in Europe for now. They'll be retailing for 26,000 Euro and less, and the company is offering to tow you home if you lose your charge. Though that may not be necessary too often, because Renault is also working on a unique battery and battery-charging station that should be able to give you a charge in just minutes, making longer trips simple:

[Hat tip: PSFK]