iFive: PayPal Sues Google, Intel Making Peer Chips?, Windows Phone App Price, Twitter Adds “Shuffle” Button, Google Gives Us $10

On this day in history the first transatlantic flight finally landed in Lisbon, the Model-T Ford was discontinued, the Chrysler building opened and the Golden Gate bridge had its first pedestrians. But for what’s happening right now, read on:

1. No sooner Google reveals Wallet, than a lawsuit about mobile selling pops up. It’s from PayPal, complaining that Google’s mis-appropriated secrets form inside PayPal’s own mobile payments business, secrets it gained by hiring two former PayPal executives: Stephanie Tilenius (head of Mobile payments at Google, and the person who presented Wallet) and Osama Bedier. It’s a more serious accusation than the usual patent-violation suits.


2. Intel has hinted it could use its enormous chip-fabrication factories to produce CPUs based on non-Intel designs–an amazing suggetion that in order to keep profitable, Intel could acknowledge the runaway success of newer-tech chips like those from ARM. Intel would be happier building chips for Apple or Google with some of its IP and some proprietary designs rather than merely accepting the manufacturing margin…but it’s a sign the times are changing.

3. Microsoft has a plan for its Windows Phone 7 platform, particularly regarding Nokia phones and Symbian developers: It wants to sell them for more money than the 99-cents or free prices you’ll find elsewhere (iOS and Android, mainly). This may sound odd, because what’s attractive about this from an end-user point of view? MS is hoping it’s all about quality and is suggesting it’ll let developers have more control over marketing than they have elsewhere.

4. Not a huge move, indicating a tiny change of direction for Twitter it’s added a “stumble” button to its web interface, which at one click shuffles through the updates in your status feed and takes you to a random one. The idea is that as Twitter gets bigger, everyone’s feeds are filling up to the point you may miss something interesting. Twitter is essentially realizing its core model needs to evolve as it gets more successful. Expect more of this.

5. How rich is Google? Hugely so. So much so that it’s actually giving everyone $10 to test out its new Google Wallet digital payments system. You have to activate its special pre-paid Google “credit” card which was also unveiled at the Wallet presentation, which means you have to be in the U.S. and it’ll only work at the short list of launch partner retailers…but it’s a sign of how serious Google is about the new system–which will ultimately earn it more ad money.

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