America’s Most Gas-Dependent States Also The Least Prepared For Having No Gas

Oil is a necessity of modern life. We use it for almost everything, and becoming less dependent on it is going to be a long, arduous process. But it’s going to be easier for some people than others, as the results of a new study by the NRDC shows. Some states are much more dependent on gasoline than others. And the ones that need a lot of gas are the ones doing the least to prepare for a gas-less future.

The report looked at what percent of their income the average driver spent on gas in a year. The states where people spend more on gas are labeled more gas insecure. Assuming gas prices rise at basically uniform rates around the country, people in those states have less recourse when gas becomes incredibly expensive:


This map is eerily reverse of maps of how well states and regions are transitioning to electric cars. There couldn’t be enough electric cars on the market to effect statewide gas spending figures, but it does show that states that are readily embracing a non-gas economy are the ones that have already prepared in other ways. It’s possible that people will be paying an arm and a leg for gas in Mississippi long after people in New York and California have stopped using it entirely.

Image: Flickr user Fort Worth SquatchMC