Web Advertising Hits Record High, Torrents For iPhone, Web Giants Vs. Gov At eG8, And More…

In a sign that this bloody never-ending recession is indeed coming to an end, marketers are now spending record amounts on web ads, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau. At $7.3 billion dollars, ads have spiked 23% year over year. To celebrate, we suggest actually clicking on a banner ad today to say, “Thanks, free Internet!”

Download Torrents On iPhone (Jail-Break Only)

Wish you could break the law all the time? Now you can with iTransmission, an on-the-go torrent downloader for the iPhone, for all your music, video, and software downloading needs. The open-source project is currently in Alpha, so users may experience a few bugs–in addition to inundating AT&T’s network.

Internet Vs. Government At eG8

Google, Twitter, and Facebook came out swinging against France’s regulatory-happy speeches at the eG8 conference this week. “People tell me on the one hand ‘It’s great you played such a big role in the Arab spring, but it’s also kind of scary because you enable all this sharing and collect information on people’,” said Zuckerberg. Other notable news: Zuckerberg wore a tie!

Blue Army: China’s Cyber warriors


China’s defense ministry spokesman, Geng Yansheng, acknowledged the existence of Blue Army, a 30-strong outfit to improve China’s online security. The unit may be one of the sources of China’s infamous cyber attacks against organizations such as Google (which prompted the search giant to leave China).

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