Now In The iTunes App Store: Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People In Business

Get behind the creative processes of Conan O’Brien, and geniuses from Google, Apple, Facebook, and Twitter, in our new iPad app.


100 MCP iPad app


One goal of our 100 Most Creative People In Business package is to bring you closer to the creative processes driving business geniuses. And our newly released iPad app gets you closer than ever before. Here’s a sample of what you’ll find as you tap and swipe through the app:

  • Audio clips of Conan O’Brien describing his staff pep talk strategy.
  • Video of an Amazonian chief using Google Earth to protect his indigenous tribal land and heritage.
  • 360 degree views of the Al Jazeera newsroom.
  • Interactive diagrams showing how Project Frog’s buildings get more light, save more energy and are more hurricane-proof than existing commercial structures.
  • Slideshows full of personal photos from the founder of Instagram, the James Bond of design research, a supercar builder, and a Chinese fashion icon.

Plus, live updating Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn feeds, essential web links, and exclusive “typical day” calendars — a complete toolbox of inspiration.

Get in now on the iTunes App Store

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