Amazon Tablet Rumors, Sarkozy Vs. Web Geeks, Plastic UPS Trucks, And More…

Amazon is rumored to be prepping 7- and 10-inch tablets with proprietary operating systems, for the low, low prices of $349 and $449, respectively (cheaper than their Android counterparts). Upon launch, the tablets would have a full array of Amazon content, giving them a leg up on competing devices from companies like Samsung, which have struggled to build up their content.

Sarkozy At eG8

The electronic G8 summit has brought Internet titans and government leaders together for a civil discussion of the web’s future. French President Nicolas Sarkozy got into a heated debate over property rights. “Writers, directors, or actors can have the same rights,” argued Sarkozy, referring to the property rights that other tech inventors have. Harvard Professor Yochi Benkler fought back, “You can make the Internet safe for Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga, or you can make it safe for the next Skype.”

Plastic UPS Trucks


Each truck in UPS’s 70,000-strong fleet could shed about 1,000 pounds as the compay converts from aluminum body panels to plastic. The upgrade could make trucks up to 40% more fuel efficient, saving around 84 millions gallons of fuel annually. So long as they keep rocking those brown short-shorts in the spring, UPS can change whatever it wants. Be sure to check out our own Ariel Schwartz’s analysis on this story later today.

Obama’s “Beast” Meets Its Match

On the lighter side of innovation news, President Obama’s rocket-resistant limousine apparently does not have speed-bump technology. Watch “The Beast” get stuck at around 0:14 in this viral video:

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[Image: Flickr user Mikiane]