• 05.23.11

For 125th Anniversary, Coke Spills Onto iPad, Luxury Coffee Table Book [Video]

We all know the people who collect Coke everything–shirts, fridge magnets, art. The company has a remarkable history of iconic ads. And now the ultimate Coke fiend can own that rich history in an app and a gorgeous book that goes for $650–or roughly the cost of 464 twenty-ouncers.

James Brown coke ad

The world’s most iconic sugary beverage is turning 125 with a collectors’ edition book by one of the publishing industry’s most precious purveyors of luxury hardbacks–and an iPad app commemorating decades’ worth of memorable ads featuring Naomi Campbell, Tommy Hilfiger, Raquel Welch, JFK, Grace Kelly, Ray Charles, The Clintons, the Beatles, Elvis, Sammy Davis, Jr., Andy Warhol, and others. Fast Company got a peek at the goods, which are debuting officially in New York on Tuesday.



Say what you will about the overindulgence in soda by our increasingly soft population, Coke has made remarkable moves and taken huge risks in advertising, branding, and design. Recently the company made a relatively little-known rapper, K’NAAN, and his song “Wavin’ Flag” the centerpiece of its $300 million global World Cup campaign. In exclusive footage from South Africa on the app, K’NAAN performs the song. There’s also animation and video of the Coke Polar Bears, the Joe Greene Super Bowl ad, the classic “I’d Like To Buy The World A Coke” spot, and other vintage takes.

The app ($4.99) is inspired by a photo book Coke produced with luxury publisher Assouline–who’ve chronicled imagery and events ranging from Gypset Style to Dior’s 60th Anniversary, The Allure of Women to The Light of Paris. The book of Coke’s classic moments comes in two versions–a special limited edition for $650, and a regular $65 hardback. Details here.

[Top image: Courtesy Assouline]

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