Gaga’s Album Gives iTunes The Finger, Navy SEALs Vs. Mickey Mouse, And More…

Lady Gaga fans


Gaga Album On Amazon For 99 Cents

Mother monster is terrorizing the Internet establishment with sales of her new album, Born This Way, which Amazon is selling for 1/12th the price it’s fetching on iTunes. At a record-breaking 10 million Twitter followers, she’s becoming a web tour de force (and, check out this clever Google Chrome ad featuring Lady Gaga)…

Navy Moves To Preempt Disney’s SEAL Team 6 Patent

Navy SEALs have vanquished America’s No. 1 enemy, but can they take on…Mickey Mouse? Ten days after Disney made its quick run for the SEAL Team 6 trademark (its patent requests said it would capitalize on use of the name for entertainment or education, as well as video games and…snow globes?), the Navy is seeking to scoop the application by claiming first-use ownership dating back to 1962. With a court win under already its belt for Top Gun back in 2008–albeit more than 20 years after the hit movie–the SEALs look fit for battle with their cartoon foe. We know whose side we’re taking on this one.

Paging Dr. Watson

IBM’s mechanical Jeopardy powerhouse is going to make its creators proud: It’s going to be a doctor! Hospitals hope that Watson will be able to save flesh-and-blood docs valuable diagnosis time by talking to patients directly, and it’s already tested 73% accurate in diagnosing a fictional victim with an eye problem.

Twitter Protest

Thousands of defiant tweeters took to their smartphones to protest Britain’s court ordered “super-injunction” against writing the name of a soccer player embroiled in a sex scandal. “We have this very unfortunate and unsustainable situation where newspapers can’t print things that are freely available on the Internet,” said Jeremy Hunt, Britain’s culture secretary. But Fast Company isn’t afraid! His name is [redacted].

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[Image: Flickr user Naomi Lir]