LinkedIn IPO Skyrockets, “Like” Buttons Stalk You, L.A. Noire A Hit, And More…

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LinkedIn IPO Skyrockets

Doubling in price right out of the gate, LinkedIn’s stock price has been selling for as high as $92.99 a share, fueling as much adoration as it has bubble speculation (update to update: in the time it took to write this short paragraph, the stock jumped to $98–follow it in real time here). For thoughts on how this affects LinkedIn after the dust settles, check out our own E.B Boyd’s analysis.

Like” Buttons Stalk You

The ubiquitous social-media share buttons from Facebook, Twitter, and Google track logged-in users even if they do not click on the button. The companies emphatically deny (of course) that they use the data to track user behavior. Either way, we smell another fun-filled senatorial rant from Al Franken.

Rave Reviews for L.A. Noire

The blockbuster video game that spent its movie-sized budget on lifelike art and facial expressions is getting rave reviews from the critics. There is “enough evidence to label L.A. Noire as a potential game of the year,” said USA Today‘s Brett Molina. Now that video games are officially art, maybe we’ll finally have a reason to visit museums again.

Amazon: Internet Sales Tax Unconstitutional

The ever-lively Jeff Bezos is invoking the Constitution to argue against a proposed plan to tax online retailers in the states in which they do have a central hub (or “nexus”). He argues for the “Streamlined Sales Tax” initiative that standardizes practices between states. If it comes to pass, what ever will become of our strategy of scouting prices at retailers–and then buying online?

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