• 05.19.11

How To Grow An Ed Tech Startup: An Interview With Tim Brady Of ImagineK12

I ask Tim Brady of ImagineK12, he Y-Incubator of the education industry, three simple questions about ed-tech startups.

Here is a quick interview with Tim Brady, who is one of three founders of ImagineK12, a Y-Incubator for the education field. An interesting fact: after the two founders, Brady was the first employee of Yahoo!


Douglas Crets: Are you more interested in investing in software, tech, networks, apps, or some other broad category we have not thought about?

Tim Brady: We are interested in a broad array of products: anything technology-based that we think has a chance to change K12 education. Obviously, we think that software will play a large role in that change.

Douglas Crets: Education reform, or market disruption?

Tim Brady: The answer is both. Competitive pressures are what will force ed reform to happen. Market disrupting forces will create those competitive pressure.

Douglas Crets: What makes a quality startup in education, and time scale for building scale, what is a reasonable expectation?

Tim Brady: What makes a great ed tech startup is the same thing that makes a great tech startup–a great team with a clear understanding of the problem they a trying to solve. The time scale is a function of the product the company is making–in general, an ed tech company will take longer to build than a consumer Internet company but not as long as a biotech company (but that is a huge generalization)

About the author

Douglas Crets is a Developer Evangelist and Editorial Lead at the Microsoft BizSpark program. He works to tell the story of thousands of startups hosted in the Azure cloud platform built by Microsoft.