Tumblr’s Insane Growth, New MacBook Airs, “Hulu For Magazines,” And More…

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In an effort to curb misconduct, the city of San Francisco will attempt to record police officers’ every single action through a small body camera. Whether or not this will decrease corruption or exonerate them from false accusations is anyone’s guess. We do hope that they will open up the video as an API so someone can create the most entertaining version of COPS ever. — Updated, 5:50 p.m.

AT&T Open To Unofficial Android Store

Android users with AT&T will finally be able to install applications from 3rd party sources. Permission will start with the new HTC Inspire and eventually roll out to all phones. Wired claims that users should be thanking Amazon, who caused a furry from users not being able to access their own app store, leading AT&T to reverse its policy. — Updated, 5:50 p.m.

Tumblr pageviews

Tumblr’s Insane Growth

“Exponential” growth is a term often bantered around with little mathematical accuracy. In Tumblr’s case, it’s true: they’re now seeing as many page views in a day as they were in a month nearly two years ago (250 million page views in July of ’09 and the same number on May 16th, 2011–check out the chart up top). Tumblr has become the blog platform de jour for many top publications, including the The New York Times.


New MacBook Air Cometh

This June (or July), Apple’s ultra-thin laptop will get the same Sandy Bridge processor upgrade that reinvigorated the Macbook Pro lineup earlier this year, according to reports from Apple’s supply-chain manufacturers. So, while Apple fanatics may not have a shiny new iPhone to show off this summer, they might at least have some new gadget to wait in line for.

United’s Epic 9/11 PR Fail

We may never know if the decision to reinstate the airline number 93, of the downed United flight on 9/11, to its fleet was an oversight or intentional but a huge mistake. Whatever the reason, United’s Twitter account was backpeddling with all its might earlier this morning–ironic, since this was @united’s first day on the Twitter job.

Five Magazine Publishers Go Android


Dubbed the “Hulu for Magazines,” five major publishers, including Conde Nast, Time Inc., and News Corp., are skirting Apple’s iPad monopoly and going with Android. Android has struggled to break Apple’s hold on the tablet world, and this new cohort could help give it an edge.


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