Infographic Of The Day: Who The Hell Are All These People On “Game Of Thrones”?

We’ve told you before that we’re serious Tolkien geeks, so it was probably inevitable that we’d get sucked into the new HBO series Game of Thrones, based on the novels of George R.R. Martin. It’s been a mixed blessing.

On the one hand: That’s Boromir! And Carcetti, from The Wire! And DINKLAAAAGE!!!! On the other hand: Who the freak are all these freaking characters that keep popping up out of the woodwork?! (“The incest couple. How are they related to everyone else, and why are they so mean when they’re so pretty? Doesn’t that break the basic laws of Fantasy logic? Why can’t everyone get along?”)

You need an infographic to keep up with all these damn people. So here you go:


[Click to enlarge]

And here is a map of the various locales:


Right then, so that’s all cleared up! Ha, just kidding. But at the very least, we’ve finally wrapped our head around the main strands of characters, and how they’re related (or not). We didn’t realize before that the “Mad King” killed by that tall blonde guy was actually the father of those two riding along with the horde of savages.

Oh god. Help us now. This is going to be as confusing as Lost.

[Check out Haute Slides for the original infographics. But be careful: There’s spoiler and spoiler-free versions.]CK